Performing a has a few requirements:

  1. Make music with code! Flash Crash is a showcase for livecoding.
  2. Show us your screen! We want to see your code while you play.
  3. Get weird! Experiments and crashes are celebrated. This is an opportunity to showcase radically wild work.

If you are unfamiliar with Flash Crash, please spend a few minutes browsing the Archives to get a sense for what the event is about.


Speaking of archives: agreeing to performing on Flash Crash is also agreeing to have your work archived on YouTube. If you do not wish to have your work archived, please talk with the organizers.


All stream coordination and communication occurs in a temporary Discord server. If you do not signup with a monitored Discord handle you cannot play.


We use to send everyone’s streams to the organizers. We assume you are familiar with OBS or similar. If not, ask the organizers for a (flash) crash course.


It is just a few steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Add Your Camera to OBS.”
  3. Configure your audio and video sources. If you have a scene set up in OBS that you want to use, you can start the “Virtual Camera” in OBS and use that as your video source. You can hop in any time to make sure your set up works - you should see yourself and hear your own audio in the browser.
  4. Appending &stereo to the end of the URL for both the outbound and inbound URLs will enable stereo audio if available. For more information, refer to the &stereo docs
  5. Once that is working, you’ll see your stream URL at the top of the page. Share this with the organizers in the #stream-coordination channel in Discord. It will look something like this:
  6. The organizers will take your VDO Ninja stream and pipe you into the
  7. You crash.
  8. The end!


If you’re planning to pre-record your set, please share it with the organizers at least 12 hours before curtain call. Whatever format is cool but we would love MP4s.


Sharing the event on Instagram and tagging each other in stories has proven to be an effective marketing / engagement channel for Flash Crash. Ahead of the event, the organizers will share Instagram names.


If you have logo and wish to play with it onscreen: do not include it on your video!

Send it to the organizers separately so we add it to the stream layout.